We discovered over 350 deposits of hydrocarbons, having formed the mineral raw-material base, where both state-owned and private enterprises produce 95% of hydrocarbons of Ukraine.

Over the company’s lifespan hundreds of oil and condensate deposits such as: Shebelinske, Yablunivske, Radchenkivske, Sahaydatske, Mihaylivske, Rybalske, Anastasiyivske have been discovered, tested and put into operation by the workers of the Subsidiary enterprises
This also refers to Dashukivske clay deposit, Muzhiyivske gold and polymetalic ores deposit, coal deposits of Lviv-Volyn coal basin, native sulphur and potassium salt deposits in Fore Carpathian region of Ukraine, Dnieper brown coal basin, Klintsy native gold deposit (the first Ukrainian gold was extracted out of its ore), mineral waters such as “Naftusya”, “Morshinska”, “Polyana Kwasova”, “Shayanska”, numerous deposits of decorative and construction brick clay and the like.