Investment activity

One of the main tasks of the NJSC “Nadra of Ukraine” is attracting investments in exploration, development and industrial production of mineral deposits.

Investment activity of the subsidary companies of the NJSC “Nadra Ukrayny” is conducted on the basis of joint activity, by concluding a contract of joint (investment and industrial) activity between the subsidiary company and companies – investors.

NJSC “Nadra of Ukraine” has cooperated with such companies as JSC “Devon”, JSC “Sirius-1”, JSC “Sakhalinskoe”, JSC Mining Company “Ukrnaftoburinnia”, JSC “Ukrnafta”, JSC “Ukrgazvydobuvannya”, LLC “Gas – MDS”, JV “PGNK”, Group of Companies “Geo Alliance”, Eni, PJSC “State Joint Stock Company” Chornomornaftogaz “, Nafta.

In addition, the Company cooperates with industrial associations, including: the Professional Union of Geologists, Surveyors and Cartographers of Ukraine, as well as with the Association of Gas Producers of Ukraine, the Association of Subsoil Users of Ukraine, the Union of Geologists of Ukraine.

The company, its subsidiaries and affiliates have 13 special subsoil licenses, namely:

  • by type of minerals: 9 for production of hydrocarbons, 4 for titanium ores;
  • by type of use of subsoil: 6 for geological exploration, including research and commercial development (4 active, 2 prolonged); three for geological exploration, including further research and commercial development; 4 for commercial development.