Works and services

NJSC” Nadra of Ukraine” has highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in geological field. Our human resources and technical equipment allow us to carry out a wide range of exploration, research and operational works, namely:

  • geological exploration and industrial evaluation of deposits: hydrocarbons, ore and non-metallic minerals, underground sweet and mineral waters;
  • the design and drilling of wells for various purposes, including oil and gas wells, methane from coal fields, all types of solid minerals and water;
  • analysis and generalization of seismic, industrial-geophysical and laboratory studies, study of core material and reservoir fluids;
  • a complete set of hydrogeological studies including commissioning of wells into turnkey operation incl. agreeing conditions of special water use; approval of projects for construction of groundwater intakes; coordination of projects of placing observation networks at groundwater intakes, at landfills of industrial sewage, at industrial and agricultural sites; projects of objects that are possible sources of groundwater contamination;
  • organizing and conducting a complex of engineering-geological, ecological-geological and other works in order to assess the ecological status of geological and adjacent environments in areas of high and critical ecological-geological risk;
  • geological engineering studies to support construction of public and industrial structures including establishing the presence of dangerous geological processes;
  • geological and economic assessment of mineral deposits and occurences of minerals;
  • laboratory studies of mineral raw materials and products containing rocks, waters and gases to determine their elemental and mineral composition and chemical, physical and mechanical properties; carrying out laboratory and technological tests of different types of raw materials;
  • topographic and geodetic services;
  • carrying out leasing operations for E&P enterprises;
  • repair and overhaul of drilling equipment.