Daughter companies

Address: 79000, Mitskevycha sg., 8, Lviv
Email: dp_zug@i.ua
Website: http://www.zahidukrgeologiya.com.ua/en
Tel: (032) 235-75-35,
Fax: (032) 242-01-80

Zahidukrgeologia possesses the bank of unique geological information and modern technologies for processing.
The enterprise provides a number of servces in well drilling and development of subsoil water and solid commercial minerals.
Please find out more about our services on our website.

Address: 36007 Marshala Biruzova str., 53, Poltava
Email: poltavargp@ukr.net
Website: http://www.ukrnaukageocentr.zzz.com.ua/
Tel/Fax: (0532) 50-91-64

The subsidiary enterprise is a Knowledge hub of geological exploration in Ukraine.
It performs:

  • Geological exploration
  • Field development and analysis of wells
  • Environmental monitoring and impact analysis
  • Innovation management and R&D
  • Laboratory studies of core, drilling mud, cuttings, formation fluids
  • Topographic and geodesic studies, engineering and geological research

Please visit the company website to learn more about our services: http://www.ukrnaukageocentr.zzz.com.ua/en/works.html

Address: 14000, Shevchenka str., 15, Chernihiv
Email: naftogazgeologia@ukr.net
Website: http://www.chngg.com.ua/
Tel.: (0462) 77-70-81
Tel/fax : (0462) 65-11-86

The company is a leading enterprise in geological exploration services in northern and eastern regions of Ukraine. It also provides services in:

  • Drilling and testing of wells
  • Training
  • Laboratory research
  • Drafting of projects and reports (obtaining special permits, geological surveys), etc.
  • Pipe supply

Address: 18030, Tatinetska str, 13, Cherkasy
E-mail: cug@2upost.comtel
Website: https://centrukrgeologia.prom.ua/
Tel/Fax: (0472) 71-06-17
Tel: (0472) 71-36-46

The enterprise carries out a range of geological exploration works for metallic and non-metal minerals, sweet and mineral ground water. It carries out geological study of environment, conducts geological exploration works backed by a variety of modern laboratory researches.
The enterprise carries out exploration of a number of strategic and rare minerals for inCherkasy and Kirovograd regions:

  • gold ore deposits, molybdenum, less-common and rare-earth metals, titanium, nickel, tin, zirconium;
  • kaolin non-metallic deposits, fluorite, refractory raw material, building materials etc;

The central laboratory of DC “Tsentrukrgeologia” is accredited for carrying out metrological inspectionss to measure structure and physical properties of rocks, ores and natural waters.