Taras Kuzmych Presents Opportunities for Cooperation with NJSC “Nadra of Ukraine” at Ukrainian Investment Day in Toronto

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Chairman of the Board of NJSC “Nadra of Ukraine” Taras Kuzmych presented the opportunities of cooperation with NJSC “Nadra of Ukraine” at the Ukrainian Investment Day in Toronto, held under the aegis of  the PDAC International Exhibition – the largest global event in the field of minerals and mining. In particular, Taras Kuzmych briefed on the plans for transformation of NJSC “Nadra of Ukraine” and on specific proposals for cooperation in the field of development of minerals.
Taras Kuzmych has called upon representatives of Canadian and international mining companies to partner with “Nadra Ukraine”: “We pledge to create mutually beneficial cooperation conditions for both parties,” he noted. In addition to presenting these potential investment projects, Taras Kuzmych stressed  the readiness of NJSC “Nadra Ukrainy”, which has vast experience and local expertise, to assist in the entry of foreign companies into the Ukrainian mining market.

Taras Kuzmych presented a detailed brief on frameworks of cooperation with NJSC “Nadra Ukraine” in the joint development of blocks. In particular, it can be conducted on the basis of Production Sharing Agreements (PSAs), Production Enhancement Contracts (PECs) or Joint Activities Agreements (JAAs).

The following cooperation options are available:

  • Farm-in PSA opportunity: Oleska Oil and Gas Project
  • Partnership opportunities in Zhytomyr Region in Titanium development: Paromivske and Krasnorichenske deposits of titanium ilmenite. Special permits are under prolongation.
  • Development of oil and gas fields in Chernivtsi region: Zhadovskaya, Krasnoilskaya, Storozhynetskaya. NJSC “Nadra of Ukraine” is the license holder on these blocks.

Finalising his speech, Taras Kuzmych thanked the Canadian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and all the organizers. “Thank you for helping us make Ukraine better,” he stressed.

Pdac Audience

Please see the presentation here:

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