NJSC «Nadra Ukrainy» met with representatives of WoodServ Energy Services


National Joint Stock Company «Nadra Ukrainy» and international company WoodServ Energy Services held a two-business meeting. The result of the negotiations was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.
Chairman of the Board of the National Joint Stock Company “Nadra Ukrainy” Yaroslav Klimovich, Deputy Chairman of the Board Maxim Maksimentsev and Director of « Nadra Oleska» Victor Nazarkevich met with representatives of WoodServ Energy Services, namely: with Executive Director Sam Kawa and representative of WoodServ Energy Services in Ukraine Olga Markina . The parties summarized the vision of the development of joint projects in the Memorandum of Understanding signed. The memorandum concerns joint future projects involving foreign investment.

For reference: WoodServ Energy Services is one of the leading energy companies in the production of compressor and service plants in oil and gas fields and has offices in the Middle East and North America.