About the Company

History of NJSC ‘Nadra Ukrayny’

National Joint Stock Company “Nadra Ukrayny” (NJSC “Nadra Ukrayny”) was established in 2000 by Decree of the President of Ukraine № 802 from 14 June “On the measures directed at the rise of management effectiveness of enterprises in geological sphere” in order to improve minerals supply for country’s needs, to reserve and increase geological enterprises’ potential. So, according to the decision of Ukrainian government, the Company consolidated geological and specialized enterprises under own aegis.

Today, NJSC “Nadra Ukrayny” as the most powerful, professional and qualified company realizes the State interests and fulfils joint investment projects in geological survey branch on the territory of Ukraine.

The main staff of the Company consists of skilled specialists with higher education, including candidates of Science, honoured industry workers and explorers, who were given national and departmental awards for the personal contribution to the development of geological and petroleum industry of Ukraine. Most specialists gained wide experience both at the enterprises of the former Ministry of Geology of the USSR, CIS and at the objects, situated in different countries of the world. Due to this fact, the skilled staff of the Company has a wide experience in field-geological and research-methodical works, scientific researches in forecasting and exploration of both oil and gas, non-ferrous and rare metals, gold and tin, diamonds and other kinds of raw materials. Specialists of the Company provide also geological and economic estimations of the deposits.

Thus, for the years of work hundreds of oil and condensate deposits such as: Shebelinske, Yablunivske, Radchenkivske, Sahaydatske, Mihaylivske, Rybalske, Anastasiyivske have been discovered, tested and put into operation by the workers of the Subsidiary Enterprises, included to the Company as well as Dashukivske clay deposit, Muzhiyivske gold and polymetalic ores deposit, coal deposits of Lviv-Volyn coal basin, native sulphur and potassium salt deposits in Fore Carpathian region of Ukraine, Dnieper brown coal basin, Klintsy native gold deposit (the first Ukrainian gold was extracted out of its ore), such mineral waters as “Naftusya”, “Morshinska”, “Polyana Kwasova”, “Shayanska”, numerous deposits of decorative and construction brick and the like.

With the help of its technical equipment the Company can carry out all kinds of geological forecasting, testing and research works. It includes mobile equipment for drilling of log wells, geophysical equipment and computerized well exploration systems of domestic and foreign origin, earth-moving, cargo, mobile diesel generators, large modern punch storage sites, stationary and moving geophysical and geochemical laboratories, computers and mobile communication systems for operational analysis of findings, proper geological and methodical supplying.

The experts of the Company have elaborated and applied quite a number of up-to-date technological solutions, which enhance and optimise geological exploration and evaluation.

Managing modern procedures and technologies, professional staff of NJSC “Nadra Ukrayny” will eagerly take part in realizing special operations on the territory of states, which are interested in studying and rational developing of national mineral raw material resources base and simultaneously conducting the number of the foremost tasks:

  • a complete range of geological and exploration services ranging from geological survey and exploration to pilot production;
  • ecological and geological researches;
  • technogene deposits estimation and estimation of effective components extraction possibility from such deposits;
  • technological researches of main and associated minerals with elaboration of mineral raw material enrichment scheme;
  • integrated risk of dangerous engineering and geological processes analyses (like shifting, karsts, underflooding and so on).

The Company fulfils State orders for exploration of oil and gas deposits and other mineral resources; cooperates actively with individual customers. National Joint Stock Company “Nadra Ukrayny” is ready for the cooperation in the field of subsoil exploration and use both in Ukraine and on the territories of other countries.

Management of the company

Chairman of National Joint Stock Company
“Nadra Ukrayny”