Investment activity

One of the main task of the NJSC “Nadra Ukrayny”, determined by the President of Ukraine and the Government, is assistance of attraction of investments into development of exploring, development and industrial exploitation of mineral deposits. In view of the aforesaid, and also in connection with constant reduction and insufficiency of funds of the state budget on carrying out of prospecting works, the Company and its daughter companies carry out consecutive measures with the object of attraction not state investments into sphere of geological studying bowels.

Investment activity of the daughter companies of the NJSC “Nadra Ukrayny” is realized on the basis of joint activity, by the conclusion the contract of joint (investment and industrial) activity between the daughter company of the Company and companies – investors.

Attraction not public funds in prospecting manufacture, among other, has allowed to keep in due time capacity of the geological enterprises, having provided their corresponding volume of works and orders, in conditions of sharp reduction of budgetary appropriations, that during decades were a unique source of the maintenance and existence of these enterprises which actually had no an own final terminal output as last represented or set of knowledge and information about a structure of bowels, or as open deposits was handed the extractive enterprises. And for today the agreement about joint activity remain the most widespread way of not budgetary investment in prospecting sphere which concerns to economically risky spheres of business.

On 01.01.2004 in the joint activity of the daughter companies of the NJSC “Nadra Ukrayny”, directed on geological studying of bowels and carrying-out of prospecting works, is involved about 250 million grn. Thus, the volume of receipt of investments after creation of the Company has essentially increased and has positive dynamics whereas volumes of budgetary financing are reduced.

The daughter companies of the Company concluded a 37 treaties of joint activity, which included 39 objects of bowels use of these enterprises (27 deposits and 12 search areas). Also, they are participants of joint activity for 6 treaties on 5 license plots, which belong to other users of bowels.

Among partners of the Company on joint activity are JSC “Ukrnafta”, CJSC “Devon”, power-service company “ESKO-Pivnich”, CJSC “Dim G+”, limited society “Prom-energo product”, CJSC “Basko”. The NJSC “Nadra Ukrayny” also collaborates with such foreign Companies as “Regal Petroleum Corp. Ltd.”, “Nostra Terra (Overseas) Ltd.”, “Indasmin Kerch Oil Corp.”, “USENCO International Inc.”, “Momentum Enterprises Inc.”, “Europe oil and gas Ltd.”.

The daughter companies of the NJSC “Nadra Ukrayny” work under the treaty with 41 investor, with which 35 domestic (including, 2 – with foreign investments), and 6 foreign.

The daughter companies of the Company own the 119 special licenses for geological studying of plots of bowels, including – 83 on geological studying of oil and gas-bearing search areas and deposits.

The company is interested in attraction of investments into geological studying of license plots with the subsequent extraction of minerals and ready to consider corresponding offers.