Works and services

The main staff of the National Joint Stock Company “Nadra Ukrayny” consists of skilled specialists with a wide experience in geology. With the help of its technical equipment the Company can carry out all kinds of geological forecasting, testing and research works, viz:

  • organization and carrying out of regional, geology-search and geology-exploring works on all kinds of minerals and drinking water;
  • organization and carrying out of complex of engineering-geological, ecology-geological and others works with the object of estimation of ecological state of geological and adjacent environments in zone of heightened and critical ecological and geological risk;
  • organization and coordination of scientific-research and design works, concerned with production, elaboration and inculcation of new techniques and advanced technology in sphere of search, exploring and mineral deposits exploitation, processing of mineral raw material;
  • realization of leasing operations for supplying the enterprises in geological sphere by means of production;
  • inculcation of investment project in sphere of geology and exploring of bowels
  • , including carrying out the competition on attraction of investments into search, prospecting and other works;
  • financial, organizational and engineering support of the enterprises in sphere of geology and exploring of bowels;
  • realization of international investment projects;
  • designing and examination of the projects connected to searches, exploring and development of minerals deposits;
  • drilling the wells and their arrangement;
  • reconstruction and technical re-equipment of the enterprises in sphere of geology and exploring of bowels;
  • extraction and processing of minerals and mineral raw material;
  • carrying-out of research and design works;
  • preparation of packages of the geological information for development and realizations of investment projects;
  • marketing researches for studying needs in minerals and mineral raw material in Ukraine and beyond the bounds;
  • participation in elaboration of legislative and normative-legal acts in sphere of geology and use of bowels;
  • manufacturing the specialized boring equipment and its capital overhaul;
  • manufacturing the stone-working equipment.