Daughter companies


The Balakliya’s National geological enterprise “Agrogeophysica” is consisting of NJSC “Nadra Ukrayny” since 2001 as branch establishment “Agrogeophysica”.

The object of it activity is accomplishment of thematic, research and research – methodical works from geophysical methods in agrarian sector, improvement of techniques, method and technology of field and laboratory works and implantation their results on all territory of Ukraine.

1804,3 hectares of land (including 1689 hectares of agriculture land) are assigned to the enterprise, in which new technologies of cartography of soil, soil exploration, landscape exploration, activity directional at the conservancy, agricultural chemistry, topogeodesy, geological survey, hydrogeology and others are perfected and taked root in production.


The trust on search and exploring of oil and gas deposits “Chernigivnaftogazgeologiya” was established in January 1959. In July 1959 the trust disclosed one of the greatest oil deposits (Gnidintsivske) in Ukraine.

The daughter company “Chernigivnaftogazgeologiya” disclosed more then 55 oil and gas condensate deposits. Among them, there are unique deposits on reserves and quality of hydrocarbon raw material (Yablunivske, Lelyakivske, Andriyashivske and others). Disclosed deposits became the basis of development of source of raw materials of oil and gas production industry in the territory of Chernigiv, Sumy and partly of Poltava region.

In the territory of Dniprovsko-Donetska cavity prospectors discovered others minerals: mineral waters, coal, rock and potassium salt as well as bischofite, which stocks is practically unrestricted. In Ichnyansk region the enterprise carries out trial extraction of bischofite, which can be wide used in national economy and medicine. Contents of rare components was determined in stratal waters on the big depth: zirconium, strontium, rubidium, caesium an others, which in the future also can be used in a national economy.

DC “Chernigivnaftogazgeologiya” has in its arsenal powerful scientific and technical, production and skilled potential, is able to crack a problem of search and exploring successfully, increase the stocks of hydrocarbon raw material.

До низу Наверх DC “KRIMGEOLOGIA”

Was established in 1933 for realization of exploring works concerned with oil and gas in Crimea region.

The daughter company “Krimgeologia” is consisting of NJSC “Nadra Ukrayny” since 2001.

Today the interprise is engaged in search and exploring of hydrocarbon, thermal and industrial waters in the South of Ukraine within the limits of Odessa, Mikolaev, Zaporozhye regions and Crimea autonomy.


“Mirgorodnaftogazrozvidka” is in existence since 1951. In this period enterprise drilled 445 wells, passed about 1420 thousands metres of exploring drilling. Twenty oil and gas deposits was disclosed in the territory of Poltava, Sumy and Dniepropetrovsk regions.

Today the enterprise is able to carry out all complex of geological exploration, from the assembling of drilling equipments to the preparation of well for exploitation. The enterprise gained considerable experience in drilling and testing of wells.

The main staff of the Company consists of skilled specialists who were given awards and conferred medals.


The daughter company “Poltavnaftogazgeologiya” was established in 1936 with the object of exploring and search of oil and gas deposits in Dniprovsko-Donetska cavity (DDC), which lie in eastern expanse of Ukraine.

For the years of work app. 140 of oil, gas and condensate deposits on the territory of 6 regions: Poltava, Kharkiv, Sumy, Dnipropetrovsk, Lughanck, Donetsk have been discovered, explored and put into operation by the enterprise.

DC “Poltavnaftogazgeologiya” carries out all complex of works, viz building of parameter, exploring, operational wells for oil and gas and special hydrological wells, testing and exploration of wells on account of production, developing and intensification of productive horizons, gas-hydrodynamics exploration, cementation of casing column, tamping and temporary closing-down of wells, repair and recommencement works in wells.

До низу Наверх DC “Poltava RGP”

The history of DC “Poltava RGP” originated in 1936 when Ukrainian exploring bureau was established in Romny with the object of oil search in the territory of Dniprovsko-Donetska cavity.

In 2000 on the basis of subject expedition Poltava state regional geological enterprise was established, which is consisting of NJSC “Nadra Ukrayny” since 2001 as daughter company “Poltava oil and gas regional geological enterprise” DC “Poltava RGP”.

Having highly skilled potential, modern laboratory equipments, computers, cumulative facts and experience the “Poltava RGP” is the most powerful enterprise in Ukraine today on processing geological and geophysics materials, determination of perspective line of works with substantiation of the most priority oil and gas-bearing geological zones; carrying-out of regional geological-exploring, analytic-subject researches, geological-economic estimation of deposits, all complex research-laboratory works, composition of geological-technical projects for the realization of exploring works.


Today the enterprise carries out all complex of geological exploration works on metallic and non-metal minerals, sweet and mineral groundwater, carries out geological study of environment, provides the geological exploration works by wide complex of modern laboratory researches.

The enterprise carries out the exploring of many, strategic and sharp deficit for the development of national economy, kinds of mineral in the territory of its activity (Cherkasy and Kirovograd region):

  • gold ore deposits, molybdenum, less-common and rare-earth metals, titanium, nickel, tin, zirconium;
  • kaolin non-metallic deposits, fluorite, refractory raw material, building materials etc.;
  • man-caused deposits – screenings of ore mining and processing enterprise;
  • natural facing materials.

The central laboratory of DC “Tsentrukrgeologia” is accredited on carrying out outside of sphere of the state metrological inspectors to measure structure and physical properties of rocks, ores and products of their dressing, natural waters.

In 2001 DC “Tsentrukrgeologia” approved the report from mountain-boring exploration of Klintsivskiy gold deposit with an estimation “perfectly”. The small State Emblem of Ukraine, which now is in national treasury, was made of gold of this deposit.

До низу Наверх DC “Project Institute “UKRGEOLBUDPROEKT”

The daughter company “Project Institute “Ukrggeolbudproekt” was established in 1959 as designed institution. The main task is elaboration of designed-estimated documentation for the all forms of capital building in geology.

There are a great deal unique works: first in country sea drilling base in Yarilgach bay, hardware-based block of radio-telescope URAN – 2 of Academy of sciences of Ukraine, house of geodynamic model of Crimea, mini-factory on processing gas condensate in village Zaturino and others.

The institute has all set of necessary sub-units and specialists for realization all complex designed works for capital building – from engineering quests to composition estimate.

The status of the specialized organization has been given to institute and institute was included in the list of the enterprises recommended for carrying out of survey and certification of a technical condition of existing buildings and constructions by dergbud of Ukraine.


The DC “Zahidukrgeologia” is consisting of NJSC “Nadra Ukrayny” since June 2001 as branch establishment.

The enterprise disclosed over 90 hydrocarbon deposits.

The geologists of enterprise disclosed and explored deposits of Prekarpatskiy sulphuric basin (the largest in former USSR), in which is concentrated more than 80% of prospected resources of native sulfur, first in Ukraine gold deposit, determined, defined and substantiated the outlooks of revelation of native copper, sulphide copper-nickel ore and diamonds.

At the deposits, which was disclosed by geological exploration enterprises, function the first and single in Ukraine Zakarpatskiy gold-polymetallic mine, 15 mines of Lvivsko-Volinskiy coal-field, four mining-chemical industrial complex, enterprises of chemical, building industry and agriculture also there is the sanatorium in Morshin (water like “Naftusya”).

The specialists of enterprise have the experience of work in such country as Albania, Algeria, Angola, Afganistan, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Yemen, India, Indonesia, Iran, China, Congo, Cuba, Morocco, Mozambique, Mongolia, Mali, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Syria, Hungary and others.

The DC “Zahidukrgeologia” possesses the bank of unique geological information and modern technology for it processing.